Monday, February 14, 2005

Yo Ho! Yo HO! An Evian for me!

Ah, Ice Pirates!
It's as fantastic as I remember. What's better than Pirates? Pirates in space! What's better than Pirates in space? Ron Perlman and Anjelica Huston as Pirates in space!
Though they ane not the main characters, it's really funny to see them so young in such a bad movie. Anjelica even trys to pull of an American accent in the few words of diolage she has.
Also the skimpy outfit and feather hat dosen't hurt either.

I personaly think the only reason I don't like Spaceballs is that I saw Ice Pirates first. I know.I know. How can I hate Spaceballs? Well just watch Ice Pirates and then come and talk to me. IP is more origional in it's plot and jokes. Plus Ice Pirates predates Spaceballs by 3 years.

I wouldn't buy this movie. But I'd sure as hell Netflix it.
Oh, and 2 words....SPACE HERPES! Posted by Hello

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Guy Mann said...

I feel the same way about Ice Pirates. I first saw it on cable as a kid. I was always moved by the robots that were destroyed in interesting ways. I think that it's a totally underrated film. Fuch Spaceballs.