Monday, November 07, 2005

Honey Flash!

OK kids, this is one of the strangest and fun thing I've seen in a long while. A live action anime movie that is shot like an anime cartoon. Don't believe me??? Check out the link to the trailer.
I have to say the movie was worth every penny of the $8 bucks I spent on e-bay to get the dvd.
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Jamie Baker said...

ha Ha! My buddy BOSCO showed me this movie a gew months back and it was hilarious, but our version had no subtitles... so obviously we missed out on a lot.

PaintMonster said...

hehehe did you watch it?
If you want this, I can bring to you when we meet in LA!!

The Monkeyking said...

Yeah! I love it. Pure sillyness.
It was well worth the money. ;)

cutesypoo said...

i loved this movie when i saw it!
The parts where they animate her by posing her is awesome!
Nice blog here!
i will check back!