Friday, May 05, 2006

Death warmed over

Hey kids, here are a few character sketches for a story idea I'm working on.


Greyhawke said...

ooo I like the death dude. Very interesting. Oh and hey I linked to you, you link to me...that's how networks werk!

PaintMonster said...

Hey Ed,
Sweet sketches!!
wspecially pig tail girl is the best!! I love it!!!

Diego Munhoz said...

Wow, very good sketches... its really cool!!!

Take a look in my blog, have new sketches there!!


Alina Chau said...

THese characters are wicked COOL! Love her expression!

manomecchi said...

Hi ED!!
WOWWWW!!awesome! what is her name? she is lovely!

Yaxin said...

the skull is looking for troubles ^_^

Anonymous said...

HAha! Nice expressions!


Kanokadafi said...

Great sketches Ed, these have kind of a kyle Baker feel to them. I love the skull ch at the bottom.

Hans said...

Awesome sketches and cool designs!